What Causes the Decline in Women’s Health after Giving Birth

Poor postpartum health is a problem many pregnant mothers face. At this time, the mother has just had to go through a difficult process of pregnancy and childbirth. Besides, the mother’s body during pregnancy changes a lot. After the baby is born, it takes a while for the mother to recover. However, not all pregnant women know how to take care of the body and rest after giving birth .

The reason for weak health after birth

Weak health is quite common in postpartum women. This can last for many months. Mother’s body at this time is in the physical process of recovering from pregnancy and childbirth.

Some common reasons for poor postpartum health include:


When you give birth to your baby, it is difficult for you to get a full sleep. Mom must often wake up in the middle of the night to care for the baby. At this time, mother’s sleep is interrupted. Not having enough sleep makes mom tired easily. That affects the mother’s health.

Loss of energy when giving birth

Many pregnant mothers take hours and spend a lot of energy to give birth. At this time the mother also lost a large amount of blood during childbirth. Mother encountered side effects of pain relievers, anesthetics, perineal incision had not recovered in time.


When breastfeeding, mothers need to maintain fitness and create milk for the baby. This consumes a lot of energy from the mother, making it easier for her to get tired and lose her energy. If mothers are not cared for, eating adequate nutrients will lead to mothers’ health not being restored. It makes mothers increase the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion.

Psychological changes after giving birth

When the baby is born 1-2 weeks old, the mother will appear extremely tired feelings. At this time, the mother will be prone to depression . Typical manifestations are that the mother will be exhausted, lose energy, sad mood, worry, restlessness, restlessness.

Mother’s body is debilitated after giving birth

Unlike the fact that mothers are simply tired, suffering from chronic and prolonged postpartum depression appears. Accompanied by symptoms such as headache, dizziness, dizziness, body aches, difficulty sleeping, loss of concentration. This prolonged condition makes the mother suffer both health and mental damage.

Postpartum anemia

This is a pathology that postpartum mothers often encounter. This disease will make mothers abnormally tired, accompanied by manifestations such as pale skin , pale skin, chest pain, difficulty breathing, headache. Besides, the mother also has dry hair that is easy to fall out, brittle nails, reduced resistance, and susceptible to infection.

How to improve postpartum health for pregnant mothers

It is not too difficult to overcome weak postpartum health status for pregnant mothers. This takes time and you also need to be patient. Mom’s priority now is to save energy for yourself. Mom needs to take time to rest, relax, recharge herself.

You can apply the following ways to re-energize yourself:

Take time to relax

Mom try to sleep at night after the baby is settled. Better yet, mom should go to bed early and ask family members to take care of the baby at night. Mom also needs to nap and rest at noon. If you breastfeed, lean to take care of the baby. This helps mothers relax while caring for the baby.

Share less work for loved ones

This job gives mom more time to rest. Mom can share tasks like cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the baby with family members.

Eat well

After giving birth, mothers need to be equipped with a scientific eating menu . Sisters should pay attention to choosing healthy foods that provide a lot of energy.

Mom should not use too much caffeine and sweets. Abstaining from too many things or worrying about weight problems is a common mistake of many mothers after giving birth. Mother should enhance nutritious foods such as beef, chicken breast meat, eggs, milk, sea fish, shrimp, crab, beans, cereals, papaya, pumpkin, dark green vegetables …

Add more water

Postpartum women need to provide a sufficient amount of fluids to their body by drinking plenty of water, eating liquid dishes such as porridge, soup, and soup … and Vitamins.

Do exercise

By taking the baby out for a walk, the baby gets fresh air, and the mother relieves fatigue and stress. Exercise can help both mother and baby sleep better at night. The first time mother should do it with a short distance. When you regain your energy, you can gradually increase your speed.

Mental relaxation

Some movements such as yoga, meditation, reading, listening to music … will help mothers feel more comfortable, resist pressure and stress.


Poor health after birth is a common condition of many pregnant mothers. However, whether this condition can be improved or not depends on the mother’s activities. You can consult a doctor to help your health recover better.