What Causes Low Milk Supply?

After childbirth new moms often worry about the feed for their baby in the sense whether their milk is sufficient for the tiny angel or not. Seek medical advice from a lactation consultant or breastfeeding specialist, do not jump to the conclusion that you have a low milk supply, the consultant will assess whether you have low milk supply and observe a breastfeed if required.

Sometimes it is associated with the mother’s health–like thyroid level or treatment for allergies, medicines taken during birth. You can partially breastfeed your babies if you have a low milk supply. It will develop to manage the full milk supply.

You need to be comfortable to feed your baby as they are going to be hungry every other hour. Whether you are traveling, or at home, do not be shy, do not think that breastfeeding will affect your appearance–you should be comfortable to feed and set your mind to feed your baby as and when the baby needs it.

If you still feel that, you are not producing enough milk, take advice, or consult the specialist immediately. Check for the best breast pump for low milk supply if required.

Mother’s Health Associated with Low Milk Supply

The anxiety that could affect your supply, Breast surgery might affect the low supply for some mom’s, some mom may be anemia, some mom may suffer from insulin-dependent diabetes, The pituitary doesn’t produce enough lactation hormones because of the lack of blood supply caused because of hemorrhaging during the birth, A change in the lifestyle and diet can also influence the production of milk, thyroid levels imbalance is seen for some mom.

All health-associated problems need patience. With proper guidance from a physician, we can easily treat these problems. The body gets used to increased demand for the milk by practicing regular pumping sessions at frequent intervals. Some moms will be food sensitive or allergic to some foods. Avoid those foods while you breastfeed.

What Causes Low Milk Supply

Low milk supply associate with the babies ‘

Ensure your baby is latched on well and taking in enough milk. You should adjust your feeding position or your baby’s latch so you can feed more efficiently, Mom should try having more skin-to-skin contact with your baby before and during feeds to stimulate the hormone oxytocin, which gets your milk flowing, or use relaxation techniques, such as listening to your favorite calming music.

Some babies may have problems in swallowing and sucking because of some neurological problem which shows slow breathing reflexes. Certain genetic disorders with down’s syndrome and premature babies will face issues related to swallowing, refluxes, sucking, and breathing trouble. These babies need extensive care with the guidance of the physician.

Remedies to overcome low milk supply

  • Feeding position matters a lot. You can adjust your feeding position.
  • Your baby can feed effectively as it latches.
  • Ensure the baby is taking enough milk and latched on well.
  • Skin will stimulate a hormone called oxytocin to skin contact with your baby before and after feeding.
  • Use relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, and listening to your favorite calming music.

Anxiety affects milk supply. Check with a certified lactation consultant or breastfeeding specialist. Babies with special needs or premature illnesses cannot be able to take milk directly from moms. In such cases, you can protect your supply of milk and your physician can prescribe the proper medication for increased milk production.

Rather, if the difficulty is with moms to feed sufficient milk for your baby, you have an option to feed your babies with supplementary foods or donor milk, as advised by your physician. Your baby will get satisfied with the supplemental nursing system.

Ways to increase milk supply with a breast pump

All the energy supplement required for the growth and development of newborns is available in the milk secreted after childbirth for the first five days. So by that time, if you cannot feed your babies, you can use a double electric breast pump like a medela symphony. This is the right choice for the best breast pump with a low milk supply. It is designed in such a way that it stimulates the breasts and it increases milk production for the longer term.

Frequently try to feed your baby. Every mom is unique. If you feel that your milk supply is low then you can try frequent pumping sessions. Because it will be easy to pump when your breast gets filled. Initially, the baby needs a negligible amount of milk. As they grow, they require more accordingly. So initially preserve milk if you feel it’s fully loaded.

To overcome the supply of milk getting low, you can better use the technique called hands-on pumping in case your baby is not breastfed directly. This process is showing a moderate increase in the milk in a turn. It takes around 30 minutes to complete this process. Don’t worry mom! the more you feed them more they fill your breast for their next feed. This happens as soon as it empties.

What Causes Low Milk Supply

Follow these simple steps

You can often massage your breasts.

You can choose the best breast pump for a low milk supply. It can be the double pump that assists the hand-free movement.

Try to compress your breast with thumb and finger for a few seconds while pumping. Repeat the process once you release. Try this technique for both the breasts until milk flows slowly. Then keep massaging your breasts.

Drain completely as much as by changing the position. This is possible either by hand or with a single pump. Slowly repeat the process after proper compressions of your breast.

As you feel that your milk supply is increased and your baby gains weight you can start feeding directly through the breast.


Always take medical advice from a specialist/consultant, do not jump to your conclusion. However above tips may help you overcome the issue, Ensure your diet, Ensure you are not leading to obesity–avoid junk food, alcohol, smoking, and drugs–Main reason for most cases are said to be that the baby is not latching well–Ensure to keep the baby to your skin contact.

If you feel like getting low milk, don’t delay. Just move on with the physician’s advice in getting the best breast pump for low milk supply. Hope the above information is helpful to you – However, take proper medical expert’s advice.  This is the most important. Happy feeding!